domingo, 22 de enero de 2017

Classroom Presentations

Hi everyone!

In the following links you will find the videos of your presentations. 
You did a great job!

  • Troposphere by Valentina, Ana Briones, Leo, Ismael Ayuso and Silvia Mata
  • Stratosphere by Nahuel, Rubén, Sara, Ángela and Candela Arroyo
  • Ionosphere by Alejandro, Candela Sánche, Sofía and Ethan
  • Core by Jimena, Esther, Ayla and Hugo
  • Crust by Zaira, Adrián, Aarón, Paula and Sofiya 
  • Stratosphere by Belén, Iván Cañizares, Valeria and Marcos
  • Ionosphere by Lucía Sánchez, Julia, Iván Pérez, David and Noel

Weather Instruments:

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